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About Prefab Modular Homes

The advantages of prefabricated modular houses
Maxim Prefab Modular houses differ from log homes in a number of ways. Prefabricated modular houses’ panels are made at the factory and installed on-site. The construction of the modular house consists of a wooden frame, panels, insulation materials and decoration. The inside of the metal frame is filled with glass wool. This multi-component construction ensures that the panels retain good thermal properties.

Prefabricated modular homes are one of the most popular types of construction. These houses are cost effective and environmentally friendly with the related building costs being much lower compared to the costs of brick houses.

This type of building technology has become popular because of its simple construction and its ecological advantages (like log homes). Modern architectural trends, new building materials, and new technologies are providing more and more opportunities for the production of modular houses. In India the manufacturing of prefabricated modular houses started to evolve approximately 8 years ago and modular houses are very popular in India Nowdays

The main elements of the prefabricated modular house are the panels and the frames. Most of the prefabricated modular house’s elements such as the outside and inside walls, floor, and roof are assembled from the panels. Since the prefabricated modular house’s walls and ceilings are made indoors, the building process is not dependent on the weather conditions. These houses are of high-quality due to the fact that they are built inside and therefore there are more opportunities to use special equipment and to control the conditions of the production storage. The decoration of the modular house can be done in the factory or at the customer’s site.

The prefabricated modular house’s manufacturing technology also reduces the quantity of unused materials. The factory produced house collection takes up to a few days, so you can avoid the negative bad weather impact on the construction of the house. The interior finishing work can start immediately after the construction of the house. For the external finishing, you can choose your own fixtures ,carpets, wallpapers, window curtains, lightings etc.

The construction of a prefabricated modular house

The complexity of the foundation construction depends on the function of the building. If there is not going to be a basement under the construction, a drilled pile foundation would be the perfect choice. The construction begins after checking the dimensions of the foundation. Once the installation of the ground floor walls is complete, building of the first floor walls, purlins, and roofing begins. Typically, the work on the foundation takes about 3-5 days.

Once the walls and the roof have been erected, the decoration of the house begins. The decoration of the house, depending on the completeness of the house, can take up to a month. The walls can be finished using various techniques: different profiles cladding, bison, and particle boards/chipboards. The walls can be bricked or plastered or can also be made with an external finishing at the factory. The internal finishing depends on the client's wishes.

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Easy to install
Good toughness
High space utilization

Offered Dimension & Sizes

8’ x 15‘ x 8’6‘’
8’ x 20’ x 8’6’’
8’ x 40’ x 8’6’’
10’ x 20’ x 8’6’’
10’ x 30’ x 9’6’’
10’ x 40’ x 8’6’’
12’ x 40’ x 9’6’’
15’ x 40’ x 8’6’’
30’ x40’ x 9’6’’
40’ x 40’ x 9’6’’
40’ x 50’ x 9’6’’
& Customized Dimention According To Your Requirment

Other Features

Durability and self-supporting
Portable and high seismic resistance
Termite and waterproof fixtures
Extremely robust and rugged constructions
Safe and comfortable
Avail in a variety of sizes and specifications
Excellent quality and highly efficient
Lightweight and easy to transport
Manufactured by using ultra grade raw materials in compliance with
the industry set standards and norms