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Portable Security Cabin

Protect your buildings, factories & other immovable assets with our range of Security Cabins. These cabins are made from a variety of materials such as Mild Steel, PVC, FRP to cater to different locations, weather conditions, design requirements etc. Our cabins require very little maintenance (such as painting once every 3-4 years) and are designed to withstand constant exposure to inclement weather such as harsh sunlight or rainfall.Full insulation can be opted for in harsh weather conditions to protect from excess heat or cold. Acoustic insulation can also be provided in areas exposed to loud sounds

Portable Security is designed for single use and to occupy a minimal footprint size, and can be used for a wide range of applications. Our Portable Security Cabin includes glazing to all elevations providing 360 degree 'all round' visibility. Designed for single use and to occupy minimum footprint.Sliding windows help with the control of vehicles and people. It can also be used as a ticket booth.Security Gatehouse Specification:Security Cabin specially designed to suit a wide range of applications Anti Vandal robust construction All round glazing for increased visibilitySmall sliding pane windows to control visitors or ideal for use as a ticket booth ,Speech panel to pay window ,Vision panel with mesh guard to door


Easy to install
Good toughness
High space utilization

Offered Dimension & Sizes

4’ x 4‘ x 8’6‘’
4’ x 6’ x 8’6’’
5’ x 6’ x 8’6’’
5’ x 5’ x 8’6’’
6’ x 6’ x 8’6’’
6’ x 8’ x 8’6’’
8’ x 10’ x 8’6’’
10’ x 12’ x 8’6’’
10’ x15’ x 8’6’’
10’ x 20’ x 8’6’’
10’ x 30’ x 8’6’’
& Customized Dimention According To Your Requirment

Other Features:

Durability and self-supporting
Portable and high seismic resistance
Termite and waterproof fixtures
Extremely robust and rugged constructions
Safe and comfortable
Avail in a variety of sizes and specifications
Excellent quality and highly efficient
Lightweight and easy to transport
Manufactured by using ultra grade raw materials in compliance with the industry set
standards and norms