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Portable Store Cabin

Portable storage cabins, also known as our Moveable Additional Storage Structure units, are more flexible than traditional buildings and are perfect for adding additional storage space. These units can be placed in any location and can be relocated with a forklift when necessary. Single or multi-units – you choose. They’ll go into spaces you wouldn’t traditionally build on and planning consent will be simpler if it is even required at all!This units can be also fitted with inbuilt storage shelves,racks,instrument holding pallets etc.
Each portable storage cabin is designed to reflect the same look and branding of your permanent storage units, while offering the same structural and safety features. Additionally, portable storage units offer tenants drive-up convenience that saves time and energy. Our portable storage units are a configurable, ready-made solution. Single room, multi-room, and mixed sizes can be built to suit your requirements. Each one can be delivered fully assembled or in kit form for on-site assembly. We offer customised, flexible portable storage solutions that will meet your self storage needs.


Easy to install
Good toughness
High space utilization

Offered Dimension & Sizes

8’ x 20‘ x 8’6‘’
10’ x 10’ x 8’6’’
10’ x 15’ x 8’6’’
10’ x 20’ x 8’6’’
10’ x 25’ x 8’6’’
10’ x 30’ x 8’6’’
10’ x 40’ x 8’6’’
12’ x 30’ x 8’6’’
12’ x 40’ x 8’6’’
30’ x 40’ x 9’6’’
40’ x 40’ x 12’6’’
& Customized Dimention According To Your Requirment

Other Features

Durability and self-supporting
Portable and high seismic resistance
Termite and waterproof fixtures
Extremely robust and rugged constructions
Safe and comfortable
Avail in a variety of sizes and specifications
Excellent quality and highly efficient
Lightweight and easy to transport
Manufactured by using ultra grade raw materials in compliance
with the industry set standards and norms